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is proud of its New England heritage, and provides a consistent schedule of activities for you to relax and get to know this beautiful part of the world. Here are a few exiting trip ideas for students studying in Boston.

The Beaches of Cape Cod A peninsula that extends out into the Atlantic Ocean, the Cape embodies everything quirky and distinct about New England. A rustic seaside region that offers local specialties such as seafood and antique shops, the Cape is most famous for its expanses of beautiful beaches, set off by grasses and reeds that characterize this unique corner of the world. Cape Cod beaches offer something for everyone, from surfers seeking big waves to those looking to tan, build sand castles and play in the shallow end.

New York City Only three hours from Boston by bus, New York City is a must-visit for those studying in Boston. Cruise the streets of the East Village for street vendors, palm readers, and your pick of any of shopping destinations, the shopping in New York City is unparalleled from major national flagship brands to the odd vintage or antique shop; enjoy gelato in Little Italy or takoyaki in St. Mark’s Plaza, shopping, tourism and bus rides – New York has it all, and has a phenomenal amount of it, from people to shopping destinations to culinary delights of every culture and stripe.

Six Flags Soar through the sky on the theme park’s signature rides: Six Flags has any number of heart-stopping roller coasters that launch you through 50-foot drops, flips and sharp turns at speeds that rival those of a four-lane highway. The Hurricane Harbor water park becomes available during the summer months, so be sure to bring your bathing suits! Six Flags has thrills to satisfy even the most passionate of roller coaster mavens and fun-seekers.

Fall Foliage and Apple-Picking Autumn in New England is an internationally known phenomenon. Beginning at the end of September and extending through the month of October, leaves turn brilliant hues of red, orange and yellow as they die for the winter, leaving the entire region resembling a quaint countryside calendar. We at ASC offer several weekend day trips through the rural highways and mountains of neighboring New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont so that our students can experience this unique regional pleasure for themselves.

We often combine this trip with a visit to the Belkin Family Lookout Farm, a working farm and apple-picking orchard on the outskirts of Boston. Our students love picking and then devouring fresh apples and Asian pears.

Skiing in New England Skiing is one of the most popular activities among our students, and one of the most fun and fastest sports in the world. Though the sport originated in Europe, skiing is a popular specialty wintertime activity for those in the Northeastern United States, and the area boasts over a hundred resorts and skiing locations for those chasing this particular high.

Be sure to see the tour coordinator to join one of our ski tours. For more information, please visit


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